U-2 OS-CRISPR-NUP96-mMaple clone no.16 by Cell Lines Service GmbH

Manufacturer Cell Lines Service GmbH  |   Model: 300461
U-2 OS genomeditierte Zelllinie NUP96-mMaple. Frozen cryovial. 2 Mio. cells/ml.

U-2 OS-CRISPR-NUP96-mMaple clone no.16 by Cell Lines Service GmbH product image
U-2 OS-CRISPR-NUP96-mMaple clone no.16

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Depositor: Dr Jan Ellenberg, EMBL Heidelberg.
Organism: Homo sapiens(Human)
Fluorescence Marker: NUP96-mMaple (endogenous nuclear pore complex protein 96, mMapletagged)Percentage of expressing cells: 100% (according to depositor)
Expression level: Endogenous expression level.
Production: This clonal stable cell line was generated by CRISPR-Cas9D10A nickase-assisted genome editing.
Morphology: Epithelial
Cell type: Osteosarcoma
Growth Properties: Monolayer, adherent
References: Jervis Vermal Thevathasan, Maurice Kahnwald, Konstanty Cieśliński, Philipp Hoess, Sudheer Kumar Peneti, Manuel Reitberger, Daniel Heid, Krishna Chaitanya Kasuba, Sarah Janice Hoerner, Yiming Li, Yu-Le Wu, Markus Mund, Ulf Matti, Pedro Matos Pereira, Ricardo Henriques, Bianca Nijmeijer, Moritz Kueblbeck, Vilma Jimenez Sabinina, Jan Ellenberg andJonas Ries. Nuclear pores as versatile reference standards for quantitative superresolution microscopy. Nat.Methods 2019Oct; 16(10):1045-1053.