TomoDish by Tomocube

Manufacturer Tomocube  |   Model: 901002-02  |  Available Worldwide
A high-precision glass bottom dish  

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TomoDish, mounted
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TomoDish is a 50-mm imaging dish with a 20 x 20 mm square bottom glass coverslip for high-resolution live cell imaging, allowing easy sample preparation for both adherent and suspension cells. With four sticky spacers at each corner, it is suitable to seal the sample after fixation by applying a 20 x 20 mm square coverslip to the glass area.

  • Thickness: #1.5 high precision (170 +/- 5 microns)
  •  Diameter: 50 mm
  •  Volume: 3 mL

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TomoDish by Tomocube product image


Manufacturer Tomocube  |  Available Worldwide

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