TGM800 Thermogravimetric Moisture by LECO Corp.

Manufacturer LECO Corp.

TGM800 Thermogravimetric Moisture by LECO Corp. product image
TGM800 Thermogravimetric Moisture

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LECO's thermogravimetric moisture determinator, the TGM800, provides a high precision, automated solution, which utilizes a direct method for replacing the slow labor intensive, traditional loss-on-drying analytical techniques. The TGM800 offers a number of time-saving features such as the ability to automatically measure up to 16 samples at a time with optional drying time end-point recognition, and intuitive touch-screen software with flexible method settings. The TGM800 is applicable to a wide variety of sample matrices including food, feeds, milled products, and agricultural materials, making it a versatile solution for many laboratories.