TC 1 by LAUDA Scientific GmbH

Manufacturer LAUDA Scientific GmbH  |   Model: LMT 870  |  Available Worldwide
Best manual ring/plate tensiometer on the market  

TC 1 by LAUDA Scientific GmbH product image
TC1 with Du-Nuöy-ring

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Best manual tensiometer for reproducible surface and interfacial tension results

  • Ease-of-use, precision and robustness combined on minimum area
  • Precise and reproducible manual operation for research and quality testing
  • Predefined standard methods (i.e. ASTM D971, EN 14370, IEC 62961)
  • Intuitive user interface Tensio.Touch
  • Fast measurements supported by acoustic assistant
  • Integrated user management with different levels – GLP/GMP compliant
  • Log-file for operation traceability
  • Optional thermostat PTT+ with direct connectivity to the instrument
  • Direct temperature control in the range of 5 to 80°C
  • Low space requirement
  • Including calibration weight, density measurement accessory and 1 set of sample beakers
  • Resolution: 0.01 mN/m
  • Weight resolution: 0.1mg
  • Ring correction formulas implemented (Zuidema/Waters and Harkins/Jordan)

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TC 1 by LAUDA Scientific GmbH product image

TC 1

Manufacturer LAUDA Scientific GmbH  |  Available Worldwide

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