SyncorePlus by Buchi

Manufacturer Buchi  |   Model: 5762  |  Available Worldwide
Safe and quick parallel evaporation of multiple samples

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Convenient parallel evaporation with unparalleled safety and
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The new family of instruments for parallel evaporation are designed to bring more safety and convenience to the parallel evaporation process. The SyncorePlus Analyst is ideal for evaporation of samples to a specified volume as a pre-analytical step. Syncoreplus Polyvap is specifically made for increased sample throughput in mind.

The instruments allow for:

  • Time-saving benefits, highest analytcal precision and maximal safety levels thanks to full automation 
  • Fast and gentle evaporation process thanks to vacuum-vortex evaporation for ultimate protection of volatile and heat sensitive analytes, weven when using high-boiling point solvents, such as water and DMSO 
  • High energy efficiency as decreasing pressure reduces the solvent boiling points 
  • Maximal protection of users and environment thanks to sophisticated condenser system, highly efficient peripheral instruments, secondary condenser that prevents vapor leakage into atmosphere
  • Flexibility and adaptility with interchangeable racks, wide range of accessories, ability to concentrate 12 samples simultaneously to final volume of 0.3 ml, 1 ml, 3 ml with SyncorePlus Analyst
  • No cross-contamination thanks to use of inert materials, individual sample sealing
  • Highest analyte recoveries with Flushback Module