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Lyovapor™ L-200

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The compact Lyovapor™ L-200 offers highly automated Freeze Drying (-55°C, 6 kg) with final products of superior quality. Infinite-Control™ includes easy method generation, simple system operation, data logging, real-time chart recording and immediate interruption at any time and from any location.

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Average Rating 4.6

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Really useful instrument in for life science research.


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Freeze drying heat sensitive samples

Really useful tool for freeze drying diverse samples from compounds to biologics. It has also different drying chamber options that allows for flexibility in sample size / scale.

Review Date: 3 Feb 2023 | BUCHI

Great product.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Lyophilization of prep fractions

The best part is the instrument is that it is very easy to use even for a novice. Vaccum generation is pretty fast and effective. Stable condensor temperature and fast lyophilization.

Review Date: 15 Mar 2021 | BUCHI

Good equipment once configured.


Average Rating 4.0

Application Area:

Freeze dry tissue samples for analytical testing

Equipment works great once properly set up. It took a lot of engineering time to set the equipment up properly and ensure that it was working as intended (partly because of the pandemic), but once it was running consistently, it has been great!

Review Date: 23 Jul 2020 | BUCHI

The Lyovapor™ is the first freeze dryer to offer Infinite-Control™, which grants the user process control of all relevant parameters via a mobile device or computer:

  • Remote monitoring via mobile devices
  • Real-time process updates with push notifications
  • Excellent product protection with sample protective state
  • User-friendly method handling and operation
  • Various drying chamber options for any application need
  • Improved system control with optional upgrade to Interface Pro
  • Easy installation on trolley, bench or in fume hood
  • Effcieint process optimization thanks to end point- determination
  • Stable process parameters including cooling temperature, shelf temperature (+/- 1°), vacuum pressure.

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