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Svar Complement Biomarker Assays by Svar Life Science AB

Manufacturer Svar Life Science AB  |  Available Worldwide
Complement biomarker assays complement Svars functional assays, and target selected biomarkers of importance. These assays are important and well-suited for academic research and analysis in drug development value chain. These assays stand out with very low cross-reactivity and high specificity as they bind neo-epitopes of cleaved products where this is relevant.

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Svar Complement Biomarker Assays
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Svar's Complement Biomarker assays are flexible and easy to use enzyme immunoassays with ready to use reagents and short incubation times leading to reduced hands-on-time for the user. Svar's complement biomarkers are well-suited for safety testing studies of complement activation in drug development and medical devices, i.e., biological safety testing, and as part of the recommended tests for assessing complement activation according to ISO standard 10993-4 for hemocompatibility testing. 

The portfolio contains:

  • Complement C4d [COMPL C4d RUO]: C4d is the cleave product of C4, located at the very beginning of both classical and lectin pathway 
  • Complement TCC [COMPL TCC RUO]: TCC detects the soluble TCC formed at the terminal end of the complement cascade. 
  • Complement Factor P [CFP-F and CFP-Q]: Factor P, or Properdin, is the only positive regulator of the complement cascade, involved in stabilizing the C3-convertase of the alternative pathway and C5-convertase. Svars Factor P assay comes as both quantitative and functional, the latter Svar is alone in offering globally.