Svar Complement Biomarker Assays by Svar Life Science AB

Manufacturer Svar Life Science AB  |  Available Worldwide
Focusing on key biomarkers of the complement cascade, the Svar Complement biomarker assays are well suited for academic research, studies in drug development, as well as for clinical applications. The assays target unique segments of the targeted biomarker, e.g., neo-epitopes, to eliminate cross-reactivity. 

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Svar Complement Biomarker Assays
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Svar's Complement Biomarker assays are flexible and easy to use enzyme immunoassays with ready to use reagents and short incubation times leading to reduced hands-on-time for the user.

Suitable for safety testing

Svar's complement activity biomarkers are well suited for studies of complement activation in drug development and medical devices, i.e., biological safety testing, and as part of the recommended tests for assessing complement activation according to ISO standard 10993-4 for hemocompatibility testing. The portfolio contains: 

  • Complement C4d [COMPL C4d RUO]
  • Complement TCC [COMPL TCC RUO]