Sigma-Aldrich® Cas9 proteins by Merck

Manufacturer Merck
With the largest portfolio of Cas9 proteins available, Merck make it easy to find the perfect nuclease for your gene editing experiment.

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Sigma-Aldrich® Cas9 proteins
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Sigma-Aldrich® Cas9 proteins enable fast, cost-effective gene editing. They are compatible with our synthetic guide RNAs to form ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complexes to target any genomic locus of interest. Each protein includes multiple nuclear localization signals and is effective when delivered by a variety of methods including microinjection, lipofection and electroporation. Merck's Cas9 proteins offer reliable efficient expression, high editing activity and high on-target specificity.

Selected Applications 

  • Engineer transgenic animal models 
  • Model disease states in cancer and iPS cell lines 
  • Molecular Cloning 
  • DNA detection/Isolation 

Available Proteins:  

  • Wild-Type SpCas9  - Original , wild-type Cas9; simple and economical; efficient in a broad range of gene editing applications
  • Wild-Type SpCas9-GFP - Original Wild-Type Cas9 fused to enhanced green fluorescent protein. Ideal for flow cytometry applications and visualization of transfected RNP complexes. 
  • Enhanced Specificity eSpCas9 - Cas9 variant with improved specificity ideal for experiments that require high accuracy
  • Enhanced Specificity eSpCas9-GFP - Cas9 variant with improved specificity fused to enhanced green fluorescent protein. Ideal for flow cytometry applications, fluorescence microscopy and for experiments that require high accuracy
  • Dead SpCas9-3X FLAG™-Biotin - Catalytically inactive SpCas9 protein containing a 3XFLAGTM tag and Biotin; ideal for DNA detection and isolation, and CRISPR inhibition and activation experiments which modulate gene expression as opposed to editing DNA
  • SpCas9-D10A Nickase - A two-gRNA system with improved specificity and decreased off-target potential for specialized genome-editing applications


  • Higher efficiency - Each protein contains at least 3 Nuclear Localization Signal (NLS) sequences
  • High quality – SigmaAldrich® proteins are verified DNAse, RNAse and endotoxin free, validated for purity and cleavage efficiency, and manufactured under ISO 9001 quality management systems 
  • Extended shelf life – Lyophilized Cas9 proteins are stable at room temperature and easily reconstituted in supplied buffers 
  • Ready to use - Reconstitute protein and form RNP complexes within minutes