Service Offering: FlexFlow by Peak Scientific Instruments

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On Demand Gas Subscription Service

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Service Offering: FlexFlow
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Never run out of gas with FlexFlow

FlexFlow, Peak Scientific’s monthly gas subscription service gives laboratories a new alternative to high pressure cylinders without the need to purchase and maintain generator equipment. This unique service is designed for customers with LC-MS instruments in their laboratory who are looking for a more convenient and cost-effective solution for instrument gas than cylinders. Even those currently using a gas generator in their lab could benefit from FlexFlow.

The Benefits of FlexFlow

  • Less Costs. With FlexFlow, expect to save up to 50% on the cost of buying lab gas, with the biggest saving for those high-usage users running their mass-spectrometers in the lab all day, all week. Even those with a good deal on gas can expect lower costs.
  • Less Hassle. Are you fed-up of running out of gas at the worst possible moment and your analysis grinding to a halt? Fed-up with the hassle of switching over tanks? Let FlexFlow remove all the inconvenience of cylinders - gas should be the last thing on your mind.
  • Less Stress. With FlexFlow, we take away all the worry of generator ownership, maintenance and servicing - leaving you to focus on what's important to you - your work. FlexFlow is a dependable, reliable on-demand gas supply solution giving you complete peace of mind.

Plus FlexFlow is:

  • Safe. With FlexFlow there are no more Health & Safety concerns over highly pressurized gas storage on-site and no more requirement for manual handling of heavy gas cylinders.
  • Scalable. FlexFlow allows you the Flexibility to change your subscription level to match any increases in gas flow demands.
  • Sustainable. FlexFlow enables you to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint & eliminates the requirement to have repeated gas supply deliveries trucked to your facility.

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