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Infinity 50 Series Nitrogen Generator

PEAK Scientific Instruments13-5010Available: Worldwide

Infinity 50 Nitrogen Gas Generator for LC/MS & LC/MS/MS.

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The Infinity 50 series delivers performance and value beyond expectations, offering a pure and reliable source of gas. These perpetual flow Nitrogen generators are suitable for a variety of applications in your laboratory.

Expertly designed by PEAK Scientific’s knowledgeable Engineering team, the Infinity 50 series will offer a single generator solution for multiple analytical instruments.

These generators are designed to be connected to an existing air supply and can cater for the requirements of LC/MS, LC/MS/MS, sample evaporators, ELSD and NMR applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Durable – Few moving parts with minimum maintenance requirements
  • Single Source Solution – one generator can cater for the requirements of multiple applications & multiple laboratories on site
  • Quiet – Completely silent in operation
  • Mobile – The generator is supplied with caster wheels for easy mobility
  • Simple Installation – Let our PEAK Scientific’s expert installation engineers do the work for you
  • Economical – More cost effective than any other gas supply method
  • Convenient – Gas on demand, no health hazards and no need to worry about running out of gas
  • Eco- Friendly – On site gas generation considerably reduces your carbon footprint
  • Experience – Preferred choice supplier of many instruments manufacturers

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