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Precision Nitrogen Trace Generator

PEAK Scientific Instruments62-0600Available: Worldwide

Precision Nitrogen Trace Analysis Solution Gas Generator.

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Average Rating 5.0

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The product is good value for money.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Using carrier gas for gas chromatography

The system is compact and looks good. The quality of gas is highly pure as we are getting FID signal below 12 mV . Improved baseline. easy to handle. and excellent service support.

Review Date: 22 Mar 2023 | PEAK Scientific Instruments

Should have bought one of these years ago!


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Pharmaceutical analysis

High quality gas from a high quality gas generator. Perfect for GC carrier gas and make-up gas. Far more convenient and safer than handling cylinders.

Review Date: 18 Nov 2021 | PEAK Scientific Instruments

Manufacturer's Response

Thank you for your review, Steven. We're delighted you've had such a great experience with your generator and found a reliable alternative to gas cylinders for your GC.

Precision Nitrogen Trace has been developed to provide a constant and consistent source of zero nitrogen for carrier and detector gas for GC applications.

These generators are capable of delivering ultra high purity nitrogen, removing oxygen and moisture via Pressure Swing Adsorption technology, as well as removing hydrocarbons by means of catalytic oxidation to ensure maximum purity output. As with all Precision Series generators, Nitrogen Trace models benefit from a compact and modular, stackable design, minimizing the total footprint required for GC gas supply, and providing fl exibility to add or remove modules as your laboratory requirements evolve over time.

PEAK offer 3 Nitrogen Trace models offering 250cc/min and 600cc/min and 1000cc/min at 80 psi /5.5bar and purity levels of 99.9995%.

Features & Benefits:

  • Suitable for Carrier Gas and Make Up Gas at trace detection limits
  • Generates Zero Nitrogen on demand from compressed air
  • Regenerative CMS columns remove Oxygen and moisture
  • Catalyst chamber to remove Hydrocarbons (as methane) to <0.05ppm
  • Ultra-fast start-up time
  • Minimum maintenance with an annual filter change
  • Small and stackable

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