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Seahorse XF Palmitate Oxidation Stress Test Kit and FAO Substrate by Agilent Technologies

Manufacturer Agilent Technologies  |  Available Worldwide
The Agilent Seahorse XF Palmitate Oxidation Stress Test Kit provides validated reagents to measure long chain fatty acid oxidation (FAO) via assessing changes in oxygen consumption (OCR) in intact cells. The kit includes the XF Palmitate-BSA FAO Substrate, L-carnitine, etomoxir, as well as oligomycin, FCCP, and rotenone/antimycin A to determine the intrinsic rate and capacity of a cell to oxidize palmitate in the absence or limitation of other exogenous substrates. This kit is best applied when

Seahorse XF Palmitate Oxidation Stress Test Kit and FAO Substrate by Agilent Technologies product image
Seahorse XF Palmitate Oxidation Stress Test Kit and FAO Substrate
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The Seahorse XF Palmitate-BSA FAO Substrate included in the kit is pre-conjugated with a quantified free palmitate concentration eliminating the tedious, time-consuming, and variable conjugation process. The Palmitate-BSA reagent is also sold independently for use in other types of assays.


  • Discover how cell phenotype, function or fate can be controlled via manipulation or control of fatty acid oxidation activities
  • Build on the well-established XF assay (XF Mito Stress Test) for interrogating mitochondrial metabolism for gaining deep insights into specific effects of genetic manipulations and/or drug exposure on the long chain fatty acid oxidation process
  • A complete solution for specifically measuring oxidation of long chain fatty acids (palmitate), under basal respiration and high energy demand conditions. Includes Palmitate-BSA substrate, carnitine, etomoxir, oligomycin, FCCP, and rotenone/antimycin-A
  • Use as a complementary and/or follow assay to the XF Long Chain Fatty Acid Oxidation Stress Test (103672-100)
  • Obtain reliable, real-time, functional information about FAO using intact cells without radioactivity or molecular labels
  • Ready-to-use Palmitate-BSA substrate for consistent results in every assay, and with free fatty acid concentration provided for every lot
  • Compounds are reconstituted directly in the assay medium, eliminating the need for DMSO or other solvents
  • Every lot is rigorously tested and validated with functional assays to deliver consistent and robust results
  • Upload your assay result file to your Agilent Seahorse Analytics account to calculate and report parameters of the XF Substrate Oxidation Stress Test, share with collaborators, or export data to Microsoft Excel or GraphPad Prism for other graphing or analysis needs