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The Ultimate LC-MS/MS Acquire, Process & Quantitate

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SCIEX OS Software

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SCIEX OS Software is an intuitive software package, designed for the X-Series QTOF systems to help you get answers and insights, quickly.

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SCIEX OS Software is developed to address roadblocks quickly, focus on accelerating your workflow, and handle your lab’s unique needs. From instrument control, to flexible data acquisition and rapid data processing, as well as review, SCIEX OS Software is your one-stop software that transforms your workflow so you never miss an opportunity!

Features of SCIEX OS Software:

  • Quick Visualization of batches and samples in the queue make sample submission and monitoring a breeze.
  • The ‘Explorer’ view allows you to monitor data in real-time as it is acquired, and quick system check gives you confidence that your system is in top condition prior to starting a sample set.
  • Advanced algorithm MRM enables calibration displays for optimized precision, maximized capacity, one click.
  • New troubleshooting and diagnostic tools built right into the software empower you to resolve issues quickly and maximize your system uptime for optimum productivity.


Key benefits of the SCIEX OS Software:

  • Powerful – smart algorithms deliver enhanced mass accuracy and added selectivity of a high resolution mass analyzer
  • Intuitive - thoughtfully designed with the user in mind to makes it easy for technicians of all skill levels to learn and master for faster time to results and enhanced productivity.
  • Comprehensive - acquire, analyze, report in one place for greater  productivity


Application areas:

  • Pharma & Biopharma -- Biologics
  • Food, Environment and Forensic

Instrument Compatibility:

X-Series QTOF systems (X500B and X500R)

Product Overview

SCIEX OS Software by SCIEX product image

SCIEX OS Software

Manufacturer SCIEX

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