Sage Science Pippin Range by Labtech International

Automated, preparative gel electrophoresis systems, used for accurate and reproducible size selection/collection of DNA (or cDNA) fragments, for the preparation of libraries for next generation sequencing (NGS)

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Blue Pippin

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The Sage Pippin instruments are used to prepare accurate, reproducible and reliable genomic DNA (or cDNA) fragment libraries for subsequent NGS. Further to accurate DNA (or cDNA) size selection, the Pippin instruments remove potential contaminants, including primer dimers (introduced during the PCR reaction) or adaptor dimers (introduced during the adaptor ligation step):

  • Automated size selection eliminates operator variability
  • Eliminates sample to sample contamination
  • Removes the need for laborious and time-consuming manual steps
  • Utilises high precision disposable pre-cast cassettes
  • Intuitive software with pre-set protocols incorporating pre-defined cassette definitions

Sage produces a range of Pippin models depending upon your application needs:

Pippin Prep – Automated size selection of DNA fragments between 100bp and 1.5kb for short-read NGS.

Blue Pippin – Incorporating pulse-field technology for accurate and reproducible size selection between 100bp up to 50kb and High-Pass filtering (addresses both short and long-read NGS).

Pippin HT - Automated size selection of up to 24 samples in parallel. Incorporates pulse-field technology to allow size selection between 100bp to 1.5 kb and High-Pass filtering

Pippin Pulse – An electrophoresis power supply incorporating the Sage pulse-field technology. It allows users to resolve DNA up to 450kb in their analytical gels.