Reconstructed Bone (r-Bone™) 3D Cell Culture Service, Mulitiple Myeloma by zPREDICTA

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Human, bone marrow 3D culture model enabling accurate testing of therapeutic agents against multiple myeloma.

Reconstructed Bone (r-Bone™) 3D Cell Culture Service, Mulitiple Myeloma by zPREDICTA product image
Reconstructed Bone (r-Bone™) 3D Cell Culture Service, Mulitiple Myeloma

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Reconstructed Bone (r-Bone) platform offers 1-to-1 reconstruction of cellular and extracellular compartments of the human bone marrow microenvironment. r-Bone preserves the architecture of human bone marrow and enables accurate evaluation of response to treatment. 

Unique Advantages:

  • Clinically relevant system demonstrating high correlation with clinical outcomes (in a clinical study, 19 out 21 cases of response vs. resistance to treatment were predicted correctly).
  • Supports evaluation of efficacy and toxicity in a single assay.
  • Suitable for testing of immuno-oncology agents.
  • Comprehensive system to ascertain mechanisms of drug resistance.


  • Bone marrow-specific extracellular matrix (ECM) drives native organization of primary multiple myeloma cells ex vivo. 
  • Multiple myeloma medium supplement enables reconstruction of a disease-specific mileu. 
  • Long-term survival of primary patient cells (viability is maintained for >30 days as compared to 1-4 days in standard 2D culture or Matrigel).
  • Maintains cellular heterogeneity of the primary human bone marrow.
  • Suitable for evaluation of single agents and combination treatments.
  • Compatible with multiple therapeutic modalities, e.g. small molecules, antibody-drug conjugates (ADC), immuno-oncology agents, including CAR-T cells.
  • Compatible with standard readouts, such as FACs, imaging, bioassays, etc.