Quest 5-hmC DNA ELISA Kit by Zymo Research

Manufacturer Zymo Research  |   Model: D5425
The Quest 5-hmC™ DNA ELISA Kit is ideal for global detection, tissue-specific 5-hmC quantitation, high-throughput compound screening, and more.

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Quest 5-hmC DNA ELISA Kit
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The 5-methylcytosine (5-mC) modification of DNA in epigenetic regulation has been well studied over the last several decades. However, the role of the so-called “sixth baseâ€, 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5-hmC), has yet to be defined. Recent studies have associated 5-hmC patterns to transcriptional regulation of genes, which may contribute to normal and disease states of organisms.

The Quest 5-hmC™ DNA ELISA Kit is both sensitive and specific and can be used to accurately detect 5-hmC DNA in a variety of samples. The kit is compatible with a wide range of input DNA including intact vertebrate, plant, and microbial genomic DNA, as well as enzyme-digested and mechanically sheared fragments. The Control DNA Set included with this kit has been calibrated to accurately quantify the percent 5-hmC in sample DNA by use of a standard curve. Also, the fast, streamlined workflow is ideal when analyzing/screening large numbers of samples.

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