QIAseq Targeted DNA Panels by QIAGEN

Manufacturer QIAGEN  |  Available Worldwide
Digital DNA sequencing to confidently detect low-frequency variants

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QIAseq Targeted DNA Panels
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  • Digital sequencing enabled by molecular barcodes to remove PCR duplicates
  • Complete Sample to Insight solution streamlines the workflow
  • Compatibility with low-quality DNA enables efficient sequencing of FFPE and cfDNA samples
  • Minimal DNA input to preserve precious samples
  • Optimized buffers and conditions to achieve high coverage of GC-rich regions

The QIAseq targeted DNA Panels have been developed as a complete Sample to Insight solution to enable digital DNA sequencing by utilizing molecular barcodes. Digital DNA sequencing is a unique approach to detect low-frequency variants with high confidence by overcoming the issues of PCR duplicates, false positives and library bias.

Each panel is a one-box, NGS platform-agnostic solution that contains all the necessary components to construct libraries from enriched genomic targets. Primer design is based on single primer extension, in which each genomic target is enriched by one target-specific primer and one universal primer – a strategy that removes conventional two target-specific primer design restriction and reduces the amount of required primers. All primers required for a panel are pooled into an individual primer pool to reduce panel handling and the number of pools required for enrichment and library construction. Platform-specific indexes, which are contained in a separate box, allow the multiplexing of up to 384 samples per sequencing run.

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QIAseq Targeted DNA Panels by QIAGEN product image

QIAseq Targeted DNA Panels

Manufacturer QIAGEN  |  Available Worldwide

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