Q-Sense E4 by Biolin Scientific

Manufacturer Biolin Scientific  |   Model: QSE002  |  Available Worldwide
The Q-Sense E4 is a 4-channel quartz crystal microbalance for rapid analysis of molecular interactions at surfaces.

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Q-Sense E4

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  • 4-sensor chamber enables high throughput and increases reproducibility.
  • Chambers are specifically designed for controlled flow measurements.
  • All parts exposed to liquid are easily removed to simplify individual cleaning.
  • Complete software package for convenient presentation and analysis of data.
  • The latest electronics and software ensure maximum sensitivity.
  • Complement with Q-Sense E1 to enable combinational measurements with e.g. electrochemistry, ellipsometry or microscopy.

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Q-Sense E4 by Biolin Scientific product image

Q-Sense E4

Manufacturer Biolin Scientific  |  Available Worldwide

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