Purge and Trap by Agilent Technologies

Purge and Trap (P&T) performs highly sensitive volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis with low carryover, allowing accurate and precise GC and GC/MS determination of VOCs in water, wastewater, soils, and sludges.

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Purge and Trap
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Purge and Trap (P&T) analysis combines high-sensitivity detection of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in water, wastewater, soils, and sludges with low carryover. The P&T instruments from Teledyne Tekmar, a world leader in Purge and Trap Sample Preparation Systems, accommodate many regulatory and standard methods (EPA, ASTM). They are the perfect complement for Agilent GC/MS systems and are available for purchase directly from Agilent.


  • Electronic Mass Flow Controller for precise and accurate delivery of purge gas
  • Superior U-shaped trapping technology to adsorb VOCs of interest while minimizing retention of water and unwanted compounds
  • Ultra-fast trap heater for rapid desorption of compounds from the trap and fast delivery to the GC
  • Inert sample pathway to ensure low carryover
  • Reduced trap cooling times for faster run times and higher sample throughput
  • Automated methanol extractions for high level soil sample available on Atomx XYZ
  • 84-position vial tray with vial chiller to keep sample cool (optional on Atomx XYZ)
  • Foam detection and prevention, and sparge vessel heating options available
  • Full diagnostics capabilities built into the software