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Thermal Analysis System TGA/DSC 3+

METTLER TOLEDOAvailable: Worldwide

Thermogravimetric analysis with the top-of-the-line METTLER TOLEDO ultra-micro balance with unique built-in calibration weights ensures unbeatable accuracy.

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Average Rating 4.5

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Good choice for material sciences with respect of thermostability analysis.


Average Rating 4.0

Application Area:

Battery materials' thermostability test

This instrument is easy for the beginner in terms of both hardware and software aspects. The inductor of sampler is pretty cool and amazing and the obtained experimental results' repeatability test shows good and similar results. The daily running nitrogen does not consume too much as well.

Review Date: 24 Nov 2023 | METTLER TOLEDO

Both systems have been used heavily and produce very reliable data


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Multi User facility Shared Equipment

System is easy to use. Service Jeff is very nice and knowledgeable engineer. However, the billing department often makes mistakes, and send us invoice incorrectly as all systems we have either are under warranty or service contract.

Review Date: 14 Apr 2023 | METTLER TOLEDO

The handling of instrument also user friendly worth for money


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Polymer and drug samples

The instrument make and design looks elegant. The handling of instrument also user friendly

Review Date: 11 Feb 2022 | METTLER TOLEDO

Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

for testing fibers and polymers

This test apparatus is very useful in analyzing polymers and fibers. It gives me accurate results that help me analyze the samples. Easy to use, precise results, practical. A must for thermal analysis techniques.

Review Date: 21 Mar 2016 | METTLER TOLEDO

Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Materials Characterization

The instrument itself is quite easy to use - the STAR software has a bit of a steep learning curve at first, but it provides very high flexibility in processing and displaying data. The DSC sensors are low mass and responsive, allowing for high heating rates enabling kinetic studies of heating-rate dependent transitions. After sales application and technical support is top-notch.

Review Date: 20 Mar 2014 | METTLER TOLEDO

Average Rating 4.3

Application Area:

Analytic Laboratory

It's quick and easy to take measurements for several kinds of analytical research. It gives good structural reports fast. It gives overviews of many reactions such as melting, freezing, oxidation processes. With a liquid nitrogen cooler you can also analyse in temperature regions between -150 C to 500 C.

Review Date: 18 Jun 2012 | METTLER TOLEDO

Thermogravimetry (TGA) is a technique that measures the change in weight of a sample as it is heated, cooled or held at constant temperature. Its main use is to characterize materials with regard to their composition. Application areas include plastics, elastomers and thermosets, mineral compounds and ceramics as well as a wide range of analyses in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Features and benefits of the METTLER TOLEDO TGA/DSC 3+:

  • METTLER TOLEDO ultra-micro balance – rely on the leader in balance technology
  • Very low minimum weight on 5-gram-balances – measure samples accurately and precisely
  • Unparalleled performance – sub-microgram resolution over the entire weighing range
  • Wide temperature range – analyze samples from ambient temperature to 1600 °C

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