POD Sampler by Markes International Ltd

Manufacturer Markes International Ltd  |   Model: C-POD-KIT01  |  Available Worldwide
The POD Sampler (POcket Diffusive Sampler) is a radial diffusive sampler for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), compatible with analysis by thermal desorption.

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POD Sampler
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Compared with conventional (axial) samplers, radial samplers have a larger diffusive surface area for adsorption and a shorter diffusive pathway. This results in faster uptake rates, enabling shorter sampling times or increased sensitivity. The POD Sampler is compatible with quantitative sampling of low-level VOCs (e.g. BTEX) in the range C4–C9.

Ambient and indoor air monitoring: Large-scale environmental air monitoring studies can benefit greatly from the low cost of using the POD Sampler and the ease of deployment.

Occupational hygiene and personal monitoring: The lightweight design makes the POD Sampler convenient to use, and the rapid uptake rates mean that chemicals harmful to health can be detected rapidly and easily. The removable cover enables start/stop monitoring of specific tasks. 

The POD sampler can be re-conditioned and cleaned for use multiple, meaning a lower cost-per-use. It is compatible with all commercial TD systems.