PicoPipet Pick & Place System by Bulldog Bio Inc.

Manufacturer Bulldog Bio Inc.  |   Model: MPP100
Simplify Single Cell Isolation & Transfer

PicoPipet Pick & Place System by Bulldog Bio Inc. product image
PicoPipet Pick & Place System

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Identify, capture, and release any cell

The PicoPipet Pick & Place System simplifies the art of transferring a single cell from one location to another. Ideal for single cells or cell colonies—but capable of far more—the PicoPipet can target almost any particle for capture and relocation. Just place the end of the microscopic disposable pipette tip next your target and gently increase the flow into the pipettor to carry the cell into the tip. Then hold the cell in the tip to bring it to your slide, tube, or other vessel. Finally, reverse the flow and precisely position the cell as it is expelled from the end of the tip.

This novel approach has several benefits as compared with flow cytometry. First, the PicoPipet targets not only cultured cells, but also micro-organisms such as algae, fungi, yeast, parasites, protozoa, and more. It can be used for non-living objects, too—you can manipulate microdrops, protein crystals, micelles, and even metal particles with ease. Second, the unique flow dynamics mitigate any contamination by moving an extremely small volume of media during transfer. Third, the flow is so gentle that even delicate or large cells can be transferred without rupturing. Fourth, the system is adaptable to many types of microscopes; targeting can be based upon fluorescence, morphology, or a variety of other selection criteria. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, using the PicoPipet is irreducibly simple. Just position the pipette tip, turn the dial or push the button for preset volumes, reposition the tip, and discharge. That’s it.

To supplement this incredible versatility, we also offer a number of accessories to enhance your cell transfer experience, including a joystick, an automated robot, and a specialized microscope specifically designed for the PicoPipet. The joystick micro-manipulator ensures precise positioning of the glass tip under a microscope. The Z-Robo Robot automates vertical height for easy transfer, reducing human error. And best of all, the Compass Microscope uses a unique pattern-projection imaging technology to create greater contrast than conventional bright-field microscopy. The Compass is also equipped with a zoom lens and a video camera, so with this system you can transfer a cell from one container to another while monitoring the entire process on screen. With this kind of flexibility and convenience, why bother with flow cytometry at all?