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Leveraging our own image analysis and image management solutions, HALO, HALO AI and HALO Link, as well as the expertise of our PHARMA SERVICES and algorithm development teams, we offer a wide range of analysis services to pharmaceutical, CROs, and research institutes around the world. Whether you require an end-to-end solution or à la carte analysis services, we are here to help you achieve your research goals. 

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Biomarker image analysis with Pharma Services
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Get more information from your IHC with biomarker analysis services. From single IHC biomarkers to multiplexed fluorescence, we offer a complete biomarker workflow, including staining, scanning and quantitative image analysis with our own HALO and HALO AI analysis platforms.  Our team has experience across multiple disease areas, applications and assay types, including immune phenotyping in tumors, biomarker expression profiling across TMAs and whole slide tissues, pharmacodynamic assays, target validation studies and more.


Take your image analysis data to the next level with our latest and most advanced analysis and bioinformatics capabilities, including HALO spatial plotting and analysis (proximity, nearest neighbor and infiltration analysis), tissue classification with HALO AI and bioinformatics and patient stratification with STRATA.


Why settle for a static data set when you can go interactive? Dig deeper into image analysis data for a single image or compare analysis outputs across a large cohort with our online, interactive data visualizations. We create custom data visualizations, such as heatmaps, plots, graphs and charts, which allow you to cut and splice your data in different ways and see changes in the visualizations in real-time.


No more time-consuming shipping of slides or USB drives between client and sponsor.  Eliminate the hassle of arranging face-to-face meetings between sponsors, pathologists and consultants.  Our collaborative image management platform, HALO Link, enables our PHARMA SERVICES team, clients and other remote consultants to view, annotate, perform quality control and even run analysis remotely.  

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Pharma Services by Indica Labs product image

Pharma Services

Manufacturer Indica Labs  |  Available Worldwide

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