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Fast and Accurate Mass Spec Data Interrogation Software

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PeakView® Software

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PeakView Software is everything you need for spectral analysis and data interrogation. Process accurate mass, structural interpretation and batch analysis within a few clicks.

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With PeakView Software, mine your data effectively to unravel critical information. Easily review, identify, superimpose, compare samples, and label peaks across scales and with varying intensities in a single spectrum using advanced algorithms that automatically adjust and tune baselines and signal-to-noise thresholds. PeakView Software is ideal to get an in-depth insight of your data as it also includes tools for elucidating chemical structures.

Features of PeakView Software:

  • Formula Finder and ChemSpider search capabilities to calculate the molecular formula, propose possible structures of the unknown compound, and display the theoretical MS/MS spectra for comparison with the acquired data.
  • Structural Elucidation in PeakView Software matches fragment ions from the MS/MS data to the compound structure.
  • Embedded micro-applications embedded including SWATH® Acquisition for detection and quantitation of virtually every detectable compound in a sample (MS/MSALL),  Bio Tool Kit for Peptide De novo sequencing of MS/MS spectra of protein/peptides and MasterView™ Software for simplified compound identification, quantitation, and data review from complex LC-MS/MS data files.

Key benefits of the PeakView Software:

  • Confidence- Gain rapid accurate insight to your data as you screen and identify peaks automatically by processing LC-MS/MS data.
  • Intuitive – Data review and presentation made easy and supported with functionality that enable comparison, identification, labeling, and creation of informative contour and overlay plots for generating your pre-publication reports.
  • Flexible – Interrogate data for a diversity of workflows through micro-applications to meet your application needs.

Application areas:

  • Pharma & Biopharma
  • Food, Environment and Forensic
  • Life Science Research

Instrument Compatibility:

Supports mass spectrometer systems for qualitative review of LC-MS and MS/MS data as well as optional detectors such as UV and DAD.