Park NX-Wafer by Park Systems

Manufacturer Park Systems  |  Available Worldwide
NX-Wafer is the wafer fab Atomic Force Microscope with automatic defect review (ADR) that improves defect review productivity by up to 1,000%

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Park NX-Wafer
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Unique features:

  • Low noise Atomic Force Profiler for accurate, high throughput CMP profile measurements
  • Sub-Angstrom surface roughness measured with extreme accuracy and minimized tip-to-tip variation
  • Smart ADR Software 

With Park's Smart ADR NX-Wafer provides fully automated defect review and identification, enabling a critical inline process to classify defect types and source their origin through high resolution 3D imaging.

Designed specifically for the semiconductor industry, Smart ADR is the most advanced defect review solution available, featuring automatic target positioning without the need for labor intensive reference marks that often damage the sample.

The Smart ADR process improves productivity by up to 1,000% compared to traditional defect review methods. Additionally, the new ADR capability offers up to 20x longer tip life thanks to Park's groundbreaking True Non-Contact™ Mode AFM technology.