Park NX-Hybrid WLI by Park Systems

Manufacturer Park Systems  |  Available Worldwide
Atomic force microscope with built-in white light interferometry profilometry (WLI) for semiconductor and related applications 

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Park NX-Hybrid WLI
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NX-Hybrid WLI is the first fully integrated system that combines Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) with White Light Interferometer (WLI) profilometry.

The first-ever AFM with built-in WLI profilometry is dedicated for semiconductor and related manufacturing quality assurance, process control for semiconductor front-end, back-end up to advanced packaging, and R&D metrology.

It is for those that require high throughput measurements over a large area that can zoom down to nanometer-scale regions with sub-nano resolution and ultra-high accuracy. 

The integration of WLI and Park NX-Wafer into one system results in significant cost savings, much reduced footprint, and new solutions compared to having the two systems separately.