Park NX-3DM by Park Systems

Manufacturer Park Systems  |  Available Worldwide
Park 3DM Series is the completely automated AFM system designed for overhang profiles, high-resolution sidewall imaging, and critical angle measurements. 

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Park NX-3DM
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A fully automated industrial AFM using NX technology

  • NX technology automatically constructs an extremely accurate topographical image and collects essential dimensional data
  • The low noise Z-detector works on an independent, closed loop to minimize errors in topography 
  • True Non-contact™ mode allow for the collection of high resolution and accurate data without tip-sample damage

Innovative head design for undercut and overhang structures

  • Patented decoupled XY and Z scanning systems work together with the tilted Z-scanner, letting users overcome normal challenges in accurate sidewall analysis associated with normal and flare tip methods
  • Z-head tilting mechanism allows access to the sidewalls using an ultra-sharp tip to obtain the same high resolution and definition as is obtained over the rest of the material

A Reliable, Seamless Measurement Tool for 3D materials

  • No sample preparation is required to obtain the sidewall roughness or critical dimension measurements in this process
  • By utilizing Z-head tilting and True Non-contact™ mode, the NX-3DM allows for both tip-preserving and high-resolution collection of sidewall data