OsmoTECH® PRO Multi-Sample Micro-Osmometer by Advanced Instruments

Manufacturer Advanced Instruments  |   Model: OSMOTECH PRO
  |  1 reviews
Built for biotech with robust data features supporting 21 CFR Part 11 & EU Annex 11 compliance. User-friendly with flexible data settings to streamline your workflow.

OsmoTECH<sup>®</sup> PRO Multi-Sample Micro-Osmometer by Advanced Instruments product image
OsmoTECH PRO multi-sample micro-osmometer
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Average Rating: 4.3
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4 out of 5
Ease of use
5 out of 5
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  • Ease of use
    4 out of 5
    After sales service
    5 out of 5
    Value for money
    4 out of 5
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There is room for improvement but this is definitely the best Osmometer I've used!
Rating: 4.3

  • Application Area: Analyze the osmolality of a solution

"The OsmoTech PRO is working pretty well so far! The biggest issue is the time it takes per sample. We’re running ~100 samples per day and it takes several hours. I remember older tech from AI would cool the whole tray of samples and then analyze them one by one- maybe a refrigerated carousel would be useful? It would be more difficult to add samples during analysis though. I find the workflow to adding individual samples to be kind of clunky as well, so if I’m running more than one sample I generally remove the carousel and the old samples, add mine at the next available point and then begin the assay. As far as reproducibility, data integrity, ease of use etc. I think it is a very good upgrade for us though! On the whole we’re quite happy, I'd recommend this device to a colleague looking for a new HT osmometer"

Review date: 01 Oct 2019 | OsmoTECH® PRO Multi-Sample Micro-Osmometer

Manufacturer's Response

Thank you so much for your positive review, we’re so glad to hear that you are happy with your OsmoTECH® PRO and would recommend it to your colleagues. We work hard to deliver industry leading features that our customers need, like the reproducibility, data integrity, and ease of use that you mention. Since your test volume is high and the instrument is able to flex to the varying needs of different lab’s workflows, we will be reaching out to discuss some options with you. We appreciate your feedback!

Designed specifically to fit your bioprocess needs, the OsmoTECH PRO delivers the highest level of data management, accuracy and precision, and ease-of-use available on the market today. The OsmoTECH PRO provides valuable concentration measurements while delivering unsurpassed data management capabilities, operational efficiency, ease of use, and features that support GMP, 21 CFR Part 11, and EU Annex 11 compliance. With its highly configurable settings, unparalleled operational efficiency, and robust data integrity features the OsmoTECH PRO can evolve with any of the changing needs of your organization. OsmoTECH PRO uses the proven freezing-point technology.


  • Effortlessly run multiple samples - Its 20 position turntable allows for walkaway testing.
  • Intuitive Touch-screen Graphical Interface - The menu-driven operating system, multi-language capability and touchscreen graphic interface all make for easy operation.
  • Small sample requirement - Just a 30 μL sample volume is needed for sample-limited applications.
  • Industry leading accuracy and precision - OsmoTECH PRO utilizes the Gold-standard testing method, freezing point depression to accurately and precisely determine osmolality.
  • Maintain traceability - The integrated barcode scanner helps with sample identification and reduces transcription errors.
  • Preserve your audit trail - Complete time-stamped record of usage, role, and actions requiring reason for settings changes. Unique ability to add comments to test results via the handy comments field.
  • Protect your data- Active Directory/LDAP options minimize manual input and the risk of errors, automatic or manual backups, 3 levels of user access, automatic logout timer keeps your data safe during idling – plus unlimited results and events storage
  • Easily integrate data management into your established workflow - Quickly save data to network database or USB or the embedded Web server and eliminate the need to manually manage date and time by synchronizing with network time.
  • Export data with ease - Do this in several ways including Open Protocol Communication (OPC), USB download, Network share, IS (TCP/IP communication), and an Optional dot-matrix printer. Meets osmolality testing guidelines as described by Pharmacopeias ( USP, EP, JP and CP).