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Artel Accredited Calibration Service (ACS)

The Artel Accredited Calibration Service is an on-site ISO 17025 accredited calibration service for liquid handlers. An Artel ISO 17025 qualified scientist will come to your lab to collect as-found, in-process, and as-left calibration data. The ACS complies with ISO IWA 15 and utilizes NIST-traceable (National Institute of Standards and Technology) instruments, and provides calibration certificates for each test.

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The staff are professional and friendly.


Average Rating 5.0

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Infectious disease detection

It was easy to schedule the calibration service and they shipped all the necessary reagents to us before the calibration as scheduled. The staff are friendly and professional. The task was completed according to the schedule.

Review Date: 9 Jul 2021 | Advanced Instruments

How the Service Works

Getting a calibration certificate for your automated liquid handler has never been so easy.

With the Artel Accredited Calibration Service, an Artel specialist comes to your lab with all the necessary NIST-traceable calibration equipment and performs an as-found calibration of your automated liquid handlers.

Step 1: Call to schedule a service

When you reach out to the Artel Accredited Calibration Service team, an Artel specialist will discuss and assess your needs and develop a plan for the service visit. The Accredited Calibration Service team has extensive experience verifying the performance of automated liquid handlers, such as these commonly used models, and many more.

  • Tecan (Freedom Evo, HP D300)
  • Labcyte (Echo)
  • Hamilton (Star)
  • Eppendorf (epMotion)
  • Agilent (Bravo)
  • Beckman (NX, FX, 3000/4000)

Step 2: An Artel specialist visits your lab

During the on-site service, your Artel specialist will come fully equipped to calibrate your automated liquid handlers.

Step 3: You get a calibration certificate

Upon successful calibration, you will receive a calibration certificate from our ISO 17025:2005-accredited team.

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