Octet® R4 BLI System by Sartorius Group

Manufacturer Sartorius Group  |  Available Worldwide
Affordable and Flexible Biologics Development 

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Octet® R4 BLI System
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The Octet® R4 System is priced for customers looking for a balance between throughput and cost. This system provides higher throughput than the 2-channel Octet® R2 instrument, and the same sensitivity as the 8-channel Octet® R8 instrument - at a lower overall price.
Key benefits: 

  • Fast Results - The Octet® R4 system has four parallel, independent channels for increased flexibility and faster results.
  • High Sensitivity, Moderate Throughput, Low Cost - The Octet® R4 system is designed for customers looking for moderate throughput sample analysis, without any compromise on assay sensitivity.
  • Reduced Assay Time and Maintenance Cost - The Octet® platform provides faster time to results and process economy when compared to other technologies due to its fluidics-free Dip and Read format. Additionally, crude sample compatibility saves valuable time by eliminating the need for sample pre-treatment, and non-destructive testing conserves precious samples for other assays.
  • Field Upgradeable within a Single Visit - Choose when to upgrade to an 8-channel Octet® system for higher throughput and full GMP compliance. Upgrades are performed on-site within a single visit by trained Sartorius engineers without the hassle of down time or system trade-in.