Nicomp N3000 Online System by Entegris

Manufacturer Entegris  |   Model: NO3000  |  Available Worldwide
Dynamic light scattering (DLS) is the most prevalent size analysis technique for nanoparticles. Although the vast majority of DLS size measurements are performed in the laboratory, the nanotechnology revolution has created higher demand for online DLS systems and the Nicomp® Online is a proven industrial solution. Our Nicomp online system allows users to monitor a manufacturing process to ensure a high quality product without waste.

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Nicomp N3000 Online System
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Nicomp N3000 Online System

  • Using dynamic light scattering (DLS) technology, this online system couples a compact optics bench with our unique autodilution fluidics, all rugged enough for the production environment
  • Autodilution allows even concentrated materials like paint to be monitored
  • Special trending graphs in the software can be used to set out-of-control (OOC) limits that will signal operations when the end point is reached
  • The system is small enough to be integrated with many nanoparticle processes, providing real-time particle size distributions