Ni-NTA Probes by Gator Bio

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The Ni-NTA probes allow for rapid and continuous quantification of His-tagged proteins without the need for Ni2+ recharging. The stable immobilization of His-tagged proteins allows for facile kinetic analyses with binding partners, off-rate screening, and epitope binning of antibodies experiments.

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Ni-NTA Probes
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Gator Ni-NTA probes are functionalized with QiagenTM Tris-NTA and charged with Ni2+ ions for high affinity immobilization of His-tagged proteins. The probes can be used for quantitation of His-tagged proteins in sample buffer and cell culture supernatants. The specially formulated regeneration and neutralization buffers, sold separately, allow for continuous regeneration of the probes, without the need for an additional Ni2+ recharging step.

Performance Summary:

  •  Dynamic range: 0.25 – 1000 mg/mL (in Q buffer); 1 – 1000 mg/mL (in diluted cell culture media)
  • Throughput: 8 samples/2 min, 96/34 min
  • Limit of detection: 0.25 mg/mL 
  • Crude sample tolerant
  • Cost effective: Reusable at least 20 times by regeneration in Q buffer; 10 times in diluted cell culture media
  • No additional recharging step that enables faster runs and more open well positions for other uses