NEPA21 Electro-Kinetic Transfection System by Bulldog Bio Inc.

Manufacturer Bulldog Bio Inc.  |   Model: NEPA21
Versatile Electroporator for In Vivo, In Vitro, and Much More

NEPA21 Electro-Kinetic Transfection System by Bulldog Bio Inc. product image
NEPA21 Electro-Kinetic Transfection System

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High efficiency and high viability without special buffers
The most popular transfection techniques often require specialized, costly buffers or chemicals. These additives can have unwanted effects on cells, and at the minimum create another parameter to be considered during optimization. Though electroporation has been used for many years, no protocols existed for high-efficiency transfections without the use of such reagents. That is, not until the NEPA 21.

Nepagene has created THE most sophisticated apparatus for delivering DNA and RNA to cells--and all you need are the electrodes. With a combination of short and long low-voltage pulses with reversing polarities, the NEPA21 can transfect a huge variety of cells, tissues, and even organisms with amazingly high efficiencies. This patented pulsing technology has repeatedly proven to be both more effective and more flexible than other techniques. Relying upon unique non-capacitor-driven pulsing, the NEPA21 works at low voltages to deliver perfect square waves with no degradation. As compared with cheaper transfection equipment, results with the NEPA21 are often far better, especially when it matters most. And because everything works at low energy output, cytotoxic effects are nearly eliminated. If healthy cells matter, you should be using the NEPA21! Ask us for a demo--we'd be happy to help your lab achieve better results with the NEPA21.