NanoRacer® High-Speed AFM by Bruker

Manufacturer Bruker

A new chapter in High-Speed AFM: Molecular dynamics in real-time at 50 frames per second

NanoRacer<sup>®</sup> High-Speed AFM by Bruker product image
NanoRacer® High-Speed AFM

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The NanoRacer® High-Speed AFM marks a quantum leap in quantitative imaging capabilities. The real-time visualization of dynamic biological processes with nanometer resolution has never been easier. The NanoRacer opens a world of new and exciting possibilities for Life Science applications, enabling researchers to gain an in-depth understanding of complex biological systems and molecular mechanisms, in a way not possible until now:

  • Single molecule binding behavior
  • Dynamics in two-dimensional protein assemblies
  • Enzyme activity monitoring
  • Assembly and disassembly processes of protein structures
  • DNA origami assembly
  • Protein/protein interactions
  • Motor protein and membrane trafficking dynamics
  • Virus and bacteria morphology and dynamics
  • Small cantilevers and lowest forces for minimum sample damage
  • Infrared laser photothermal excitation option, for clean cantilever drive, easy setup and minimized perturbance of delicate samples
  • Advanced algorithms for scanner control and feedback
  • Minimized force drift for long-term experiments
  • Highest bandwidth digital electronics, with lowest noise, for maximum performance
  • Cutting-edge, high-speed power amplifier for perfect scanner drive
  • Closed-loop scanning on all axes with minimal noise levels for highest accuracy