naica® multiplex PCR MIX 10X 0.25 mL by Stilla Technologies

Manufacturer Stilla Technologies  |  Available Worldwide
Stilla Technologies' naica ® multiplex PCR MIX is specially formulated to ensure optimal Crystal Digital PCR™ compatibility. Our line of reagents maximizes sensitivity by enabling high sample input capacity while ensuring flexible reaction assembly.

naica<sup>®</sup> multiplex PCR MIX 10X 0.25 mL by Stilla Technologies product image
naica® multiplex PCR MIX 10X 0.25 mL
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The naica® multiplex PCR MIX is a ready-to-use two-component solution specially formulated for optimal Crystal Digital PCR™ using TaqMan® and for high multiplexing assays. The 10X concentration is designed for increased multiplexing capacity and to provide superior detection sensitivity for low concentration samples and rare targets by liberating a reaction volume that can instead be utilized by additional sample input, probes or primers.

  • Capacity : 100 reactions for Sapphire chip // 350 reactions for Opal chip
  • Compatibility: Compatible with the Sapphire and the Opal chips