N1 Single Cell Dispenser by Nanocellect

Manufacturer Nanocellect
A module for the WOLF Cell sorter to sort and dispense into 96-well or 384 well plates.

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The WOLF Cell Sorter and N1 single-cell dispensing method is aerosol-free, sterile, and disposable. An easy-to-use system allows for selection and sorting of cells in bulk or directly into 96-well or 384-well plates.The N1 Single Cell Dispenser is seamlessly integrated into the intuitive software. Select single-cell from the dropdown menu, map out your plate, and hit go. The WOLF® and dispenser work together to sort and plate cells in a compact and affordable format. After sorting, data from each cell are indexed well-by-well, allowing for confirmation of the plated cell.

Collect entire populations using bulk sorting or use the N1single cell dispensing module to sort individual cells per well on standard 96- or 384-well plates. A powerful tool for cloning sorted cells or performing plate-based assays. 

The gentle sorting mechanism results in improved viability of cells and higher outgrowth. Reduced stress during a sort also avoids potential gene expression or karyotype changes experienced with traditional sorters.

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N1 Single Cell Dispenser by Nanocellect product image

N1 Single Cell Dispenser

Manufacturer Nanocellect

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