Minor groove binder (MGB) probes by LGC Biosearch Technologies

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Minor groove binder (MGB) probes
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Minor groove binder (MGB) probes are dual-labeled 5' hydrolysis probes consisting of a 5' fluorescent reporter dye and a 3' Eclipse Dark Quencher (EDQ) conjugated to an MGB moiety. Biosearch Technologies offers high-quality yet cost-effective MGB oligos with a competitive turnaround time and no minimum order quantity.

Short probe design delivers high specificity and signal-to-noise

The 3' MGB moiety binds non-covalently to the minor groove and stabilizes the target-probe duplex, effectively increasing the Tm of the duplex. The increased Tm allows probes to be shorter, which increases sequence specificity.

A shorter probe has greater quenching efficiency because the dye is closer to the quencher. Combined with a non-fluorescent quencher, such as EDQ, the short MGB probe leads to a low background and high signal-to-noise.

Improved SNP/mismatch discrimination

Single base mismatches have a more significant destabilizing effect on MGB probes than other probe types, mainly when the mismatches are within the minor groove binding region. This dramatically enhances the ∆Tm for a mismatch and improves SNP discrimination.

Trusted supplier of high-quality oligos

Our multi-site oligo manufacturing operations provide manufacturing redundancy, risk mitigation, and surge capacity. With our unique vertical integration, our chemical manufacturing labs produce most of the critical raw materials used in our own oligo synthesis methods, ensuring a steady and secure supply chain as well as consistent quality at every stage of development. By manufacturing our own dyes, quenchers, specialty amidites, CPG, and specialty synthesis columns, we ensure that we are a reliable partner from project inception through commercial scale up.