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Generate Faster Answers from Your Unknown Samples

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MasterView™ Software

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MasterView Software is a powerful application that enables you to accurately screen unknown samples against the targeted list of compounds for quick identification, quantitation and data review from complex mass spec data files.

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With MasterView Software, laboratories can master the speed, power and accuracy offered by LC-MS/MS technology. You can easily identify unknown compounds with greater confidence, using integrated library searching capabilities, formula finder and fragmentation prediction tools to aid in true unknown structural elucidation. The product integrates both targeted and non-targeted data processing to make data review fast and straightforward with automated visual status indicators.

Features of MasterView Software:

  • Manage large lists of compounds and perform extracted ion chromatogram (XIC) calculations, both targeted and non-targeted peak finding operations using powerful non-targeted peak finding algorithm that extracts peaks from samples
  • Visual status indicators using five ‘traffic lights’ (including RT error, mass error, isotope matching, library search, and formula finding) makes data review fast and straightforward
  • Automatic Formula Finder, Fragment Ion Predictor and ChemSpider allows the confident identification of unknowns using both acquired MS and MS/MS data with advanced library searching functionality to produce a suggested molecular formula based peak and the isotope patterns
  • Customizable report templates can be used to generate word, csv text or PDF reports
  • Module within PeakView® Software; thus, all non-identified compounds can be further processed using PeakView® software

Key benefits of the MasterView Software:

  • Speed - Rapidly screen and process your samples with absolute confidence.
  • Reliable - Experience the power of MS/MS library search as you quickly and accurately identify unknown compounds in your complex samples.
  • Intuitive - control your data processing and data review parameters to detect all relevant peaks in your targeted and non-targeted quantitation with ease.

Application areas:

Food, Environment and Forensic

Instrument Compatibility:

All SCIEX QTRAP® and TripleTOF® systems and is a module within PeakView® Software.