MassLynx (IVD) Mass Spectrometry Software with TargetLynx (IVD) by Waters

Manufacturer Waters
Acquire, Analyze & Manage Mass Spectrometry Information in the clinical laboratory

MassLynx (IVD) Mass Spectrometry Software with TargetLynx (IVD) by Waters product image
MassLynx (IVD) Mass Spectrometry Software with TargetLynx (IVD)
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Enabling productivity for LC-MS/MS analysis in the clinical laboratory

Waters MassLynx Software complements your LC-MS/MS system with its intuitive user interface, intelligent instrument control, and software features built around the focus of your diagnostic analysis: the patients sample. With much of its capabilities driven by input from our extensive user base, MassLynx has evolved into a powerful software package that delivers the versatility and flexibility your laboratory requires.

Quantitative analysis and more, for clinical analyses with TargetLynx

The TargetLynx Application Manager automates sample data processing and reporting of quantitative results from LC-MS/MS acquisitions using multiple reaction monitoring (MRM), selected ion monitoring (SIM) or full scan/spectrum approaches. Beyond the expected capabilities of any quantitative data package, TargetLynx Application Manager can incorporate a range of confirmatory checks on a data set.

TargetLynx Application Manager can be used to identify and flag samples that exceed user-defined thresholds where:

  • Analytes exceed a concentration threshold
  • Analyte confirmatory ion ratios are outside specified limits
  • One or more analyte signal-to-noise ratios are below a defined value
  • An analyte retention time or relative retention time is outside limits
  • An analyte concentration is below set LOD and LOQ thresholds
  • The standard deviation of response for QC standards exceeds a defined value
  • The blank response is too high
  • The coefficient of determination (r2) of the calibration curve exceeds a defined value

For in vitro diagnostic use. Not available in all countries. For information on availability, please contact your local representative.