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MagicPrep™ NGS system by Tecan

Manufacturer Tecan  |  Available Worldwide

The MagicPrep NGS system is a new category of automated laboratory equipment that provides push button simplicity for library preparation.

MagicPrep™ NGS system by Tecan product image
MagicPrep™ NGS system
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The MagicPrep NGS* system combines hardware, software and pre-optimized scripts, reagents, and consumables to provide a unique, fully-walkaway solution for simple, automated NGS library preparation. 

The MagicPrep NGS system focuses on simplicity and reliability allowing anyone to start a run in less than 10 minutes. Once the run has been started there are no other interactions, until the libraries are ready to be retrieved, allowing you to maximize the time you have to accomplish other tasks. 

The MagicPrep NGS system integrates everything you need for library preparation; all you need to do is add your samples. 

MagicPrep NGS is a fully automated solution; start your run when you are ready for worry-free library preparation.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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MagicPrep™ NGS system by Tecan product image

MagicPrep™ NGS system

Manufacturer Tecan  |  Available Worldwide

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