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Multiplate live-cell analysis system – next generation technology for next-level results 

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Maestro TrayZ system
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Axion BioSystems’ Maestro TrayZ is a flexible, high-throughput live-cell analysis platform featuring a sleek multiplate tray design compatible with any standard incubator. Continuously monitor from four 96-well plates or link multiple trays together to increase your throughput and accelerate your research. Barcode plate tracking and an intuitive interface increases your throughput without increasing your workload with Maestro TrayZ. ​

From discovery to manufacturing of drug candidates and cell products, the Maestro TrayZ platform tracks cell health and function like immune cell-mediated killing, cancer cell invasiveness, viral infectivity, endothelial barrier function, wound healing, and more in real time—with no labels, dyes, or complicated steps. ​

The Maestro TrayZ uses sensitive bioelectrodes to continuously monitor living cells. Cells are cultured directly on electrodes embedded in the bottom of microtiter plates. Measurements do not alter the cell’s biology and may be collected for prolonged periods of time. The Maestro TrayZ provides more information with less work, creating a direct interface between biology and electronics for the rapid development of new drug candidates in healthcare and medicine.​

For labs operating in a regulatory environment an optional cGLP/cGMP ready software module is available. Regulatory compliance doesn’t have to mean complicated software. With the GxP Impedance Module you can quickly and easily perform all assays, while achieving FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance in cGLP/cGMP labs. The GxP Impedance Module includes AxIS Z software, providing a straightforward, simplified approach to the set-up, execution and analysis of impedance experiments, with easy-to-use compliance features.​

​Key features: 

Turn any incubator into an assay powerhouse.​

  • Continuous live-cell monitoring - The Maestro TrayZ platform performs noninvasive, label-free measurements from the cultured cell population, circumventing the use of dyes/reporters that can perturb your cell model and confound results. Track activity in real time over hours, days, and weeks.​
  • Expand to meet your needs - Link multiple trays together to increase your throughput to meet your needs. ​
  • Manage multiple experiments at the device - Barcode tracking ensures there are no mix-ups. As soon as a plate is docked, recording begins without having to run back and forth to a computer.​
  • Review your results faster - The Impedance module with AxIS Z software provides a simplified approach to the setup, execution, and analysis of experiments. ​
  • Achieve 21 CFR Part 11 compliance in GLP/GMP labs - Designed with clinical translation and a regulatory environment in mind, the powerful, intuitive software includes barcode plate tracking, environmental monitoring, and automated event logging. 

Impedance-based assays include but are not limited to: ​

  • Cytotoxicity and cell viability​
  • Cancer Spheroids​
  • In vitro potency assay for cancer immunotherapy​
  • Barrier function/TEER​
  • Cell proliferation, migration and invasion​
  • Anti-viral drugs and viral titer studies​
  • GPCR signaling and more​

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