LeviCell Platform by LevitasBio

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Powerfully Simple Workflow for Label-Free Sample Enrichment

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LeviCell Platform

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The LeviCell™ platform is a next generation solution for cellular analysis that delivers simple, label-free cell separation for fast, effective, and gentle enrichment of cells and nuclei from even the most complex samples. The platform can process a broad spectrum of sample types including primary dissociated tissue, fragile or easily stimulated cell types, and even nuclei. Purified cells of interest are reliably recovered regardless of starting cell number, cell viability, or sample purity.

  • Simple:  3-step workflow to go from heterogenous sample to purified, viable cells
  • Fast: Cells are ready within 20 minutes
  • Easy: System requires no calibration and can be self-installed
  • Gentle: Ultra-low <1psi pressure maintain cell health and viability
  • Innovative: No labels, dyes, beads or high pressure force needed
  • Flexible:  Adaptable to a range of sample types and application areas