Laboratory Evaporation Glassware by Buchi

Manufacturer Buchi  |  Available Worldwide
Decades of expertise in glass manufacturing

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Laboratory Evaporation Glassware
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Original BUCHI glassware guarantees the highest levels of efficiency and safety thanks to outstanding precision in manufacturing. For more than 75 years BUCHI has been manufacturing innovative and durable glass parts to ease daily laboratory work.

Highest efficiency

  • Maximized vacuum stability thanks to very tight joints
  • Optimum heat transmission due to optimized wall thickness of evaporating flasks
  • High evaporating performance due to pear-shaped evaporating flask
  • High throughput due to advanced design of condensers

Maximized safety

  • Use of highly resistant glass provides highest levels of safety
  • Guaranteed leak-tightness and protection against hazardous fumes thanks to high precision joints
  • Maximum stability thanks to sophisticated PLASTIC+GLAS coating

Proven reliability

  • More than 75 years of experience in glass manufacturing
  • Durable products made with best quality raw materials
  • Developed and manufactured by experienced and committed BUCHI employees