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Kjel Line by BUCHI

Manufacturer BUCHI  |  Available Worldwide
Meeting the highest demands in nitrogen determination

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Accurate, economical, safe nitrogen determination
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These cutting-edge steam distillation units are extremely accurate, environmentally friendly, cost-efficient and offer maximal safety during operation. The instruments have been designed to fit your individual needs and to enable the highest and most convenient performance.

  • Maximal reproducibility and accuracy with automatic recognition of distillation start and endpoint
  • Reduced user interaction thanks to automated titration, automated distillation
  • Optimized alkalization step that saves you up to 30 % of reagent
  • Intelligent cooling water control that reduces water consumption
  • Improved time savings thanks to elimination of preheating step
  • Reduced exposure to chemicals thanks to innovative sensor technology
  • Intuitive touch screen for simple process handling
  • Upgradeable on demand to automate your analysis for most convenient performance