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KASP™ on Demand (KOD) by LGC Biosearch Technologies

Manufacturer LGC Biosearch Technologies  |  Available Worldwide
Choose premier KASP on Demand (KOD) service for design and delivery of your KASP Assay, plus full validation and optimization of your assay by our scientific team.  

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KASP™ on Demand (KOD)
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For KASP on Demand (KOD) our scientists design, fully validate, and optimize your assay prior to delivery. Any custom KASP genotyping assay can be provided with our validation service ensuring that you receive a working assay.

If you are working with human DNA samples, KOD assay validation can be performed using our validation panel of 44 DNA samples.  We can use your own human DNA samples for validation if you prefer, and this is recommended if you are working on an assay with a low minor allele frequency. For all other organisms, LGC requires the customer to send in sample DNA to enable assay validation to be carried out in our laboratories. We require a minimum of 22 DNA samples for validation and will accept up to 94 DNA samples. For more information about how much DNA is required, please see our factsheet.

KASP assays have an industry-leading conversion rate. We have carried out the design for millions of individual assays and we have significant experience in the design of successful assays for even the most difficult genomes or target sequences. With our validation service, we guarantee delivery of a working assay or you will not be charged.

Aliquots of KOD Assay mix are provided in 2D barcoded tubes in sufficient quantities to enable

  • 2,500 reactions at 10 µL total reaction volumes (96-well PCR plates)
  • 5,000 reactions at 5 µL total reaction volumes (384-well PCR plates)