IRSpirit FTIR Spectrophotometer by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc.

Manufacturer Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc.  |  Available Worldwide
Compact, portable FTIR system offering exceptional performance and versatility

IRSpirit FTIR Spectrophotometer by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc. product image
IRSpirit FTIR Spectrophotometer
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Small and lightweight, Shimadzu’s IRSpirit FTIR spectrophotometer provides unmatched functionality in its class of compact instruments, while delivering exceptional reliability in contaminant analysis, identification tests and quantitative measurements. 

Key features/benefits include: 

• Space-Efficient Design with Standard-sized Sample Compartment – accommodates existing Shimadzu and third party accessories such as ATR and diffuse reflectance, as well as transmission accessories such as a KBr pellet holder and demountable cells 
• Guided Workflow-Based Software (IRPilot) – a package of 23 applications that allows operators with minimal analytical knowledge to obtain results quickly by simply selecting the accessory and sample form. 
• High Reliability – includes a sealed interferometer that protects the beam splitter from both air and moisture, electrical humidity and paper-based indicators, and a self-diagnostics function

Optimized for network applications, LabSolutions IR software offers intuitive operation, high-level administrative functions, secure data management, and a variety of data manipulation functions. In addition, an “Easy Macro” program allows users to effortlessly create macros for routine tasks. This improves productivity and allows even novice FTIR users to the system with ease.