Ionic® Purification System by Purigen Biosystems

Manufacturer Purigen Biosystems
The Ionic® Purification System is a benchtop platform that provides automated extraction of DNA and RNA from biological samples. Using cutting-edge technology based on isotachophoresis, the Ionic system separates DNA and RNA freely in solution, without binding to or stripping nucleic acids from physical surfaces. The workflow is simple and efficient, while producing higher yields with higher purity, consistently and reliably.

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Ionic® Purification System
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The Ionic Purification System is so different, its advantages are most readily understood in contrast with conventional DNA and RNA extraction and purification methods.

  • No organic solvents
  • No harsh, high-salt buffers
  • No system programming
  • No beads or repetitive washing
  • No hands-on mixing, separation, sample transfers, or buffer exchanges
  • No pumps, valves, or other moving parts

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