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An unprecedented view into transcriptional heterogeneity

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  • Accurate transcript identification
  • Reliable comparison of gene expression levels
  • Identification of novel transcripts and splicing variants

INVIEW™ stands for streamlined next generation sequencing (NGS) solutions for all types of research projects. Our services for transcriptome analysis, EXPLORE, ADVANCE, DISCOVER or ISOFORM DISCOVER, are designed to fit any application or budget.

RNA sequencing is a powerful method for exploring, quantifying, profiling and discovering RNA transcripts all over the transcriptome. Compared to microarray studies, transcriptome analysis allows a more sensitive and real-time detection of genes, transcripts, and their differential expression. The high throughput nature of the services, the flexibility in project design and continuous sequencing improvements combine to produce high-end results with fast delivery times.

For even more options, we can offer a one-stop solution for de novo transcriptome sequencing based on PacBio or Illumina technology.

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INVIEW™ TRANSCRIPTOME by GATC Biotech product image


Manufacturer GATC Biotech  |  Available Worldwide

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