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  • Study your methylome with high-end conversion rate (≤ 99,9%) on true base level resolution
  • Applicable for all organisms with 5-methylcytosines with flexible scaling of required coverage
  • Optimised loading on sequencer attains highest read / raw data quality
  • Performance and quality proven on clinical samples
  • Complete bioinformatics analysis pipeline with all details about the methylation status

GATC Biotech offers a streamlined workflow based on high-end bisulfite conversion combined with cutting edge Illumina sequencing technology.

Comprehensive bioinformatics analysis is offered to provide publishable high-quality data and to make epigenetic genome-wide analysis available to every researcher. No matter if you are a newcomer looking for the right approach or an expert looking for outsourcing your routine - speak to us and find out how INVIEW EPIGENOME fits to your requirements.

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INVIEW™ EPIGENOME by GATC Biotech product image


Manufacturer GATC Biotech  |  Available Worldwide

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