INHECO Verification Tools IMP & OVT by INHECO GmbH

Manufacturer INHECO GmbH  |  Available Worldwide
Verification of lab equipment: PCR, temperature, shaking performance and humidity

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Verification Tool IMP in Incubator MP
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INHECO Verification Tools IMP & OVT

Verification of lab equipment: PCR, temperature, shaking performance and humidity

INHECO offers two different verification tools. The INHECO Measurement Plate (IMP) and the On Deck Thermal Cycler Verification Tool (OVT). The IMP is a compact and precise measurement tool in ANSI/SLAS format for verifying the temperature, relative humidity and shaking performance of generic heating, cooling, incubation and shaking devices used in Lab Automation systems excluding PCR systems. The OVT is exclusively designed for the verification of the INHECO PCR system called On Deck Thermal Cycler or ODTC®.

INHECO Measurement Plate - IMP - (7901000)

Verify your lab equipment and be sure that it works as it should.

Verify “all-in-one” temperature, humidity and shaking pattern of ANSI/SLAS format devices from INHECO and other brands, both for instruments integrated into liquid handling systems, or stand-alone devices. The cordless design of the tool makes it easily usable even in closed incubator systems or readers. Data can be read out in different ways (USB, IrDA or from the microSD) and analyzed with the provided software. Reliable temperature measurement is achieved by 10 sensors distributed over the flat measurement area including the 4 corners, the center and random positions in between. Another sensors record the ambient temperature, ambient humidity and a three-axis acceleration sensor determines the shaking speed, amplitude and pattern. In closed systems, the IMP can be used between 4° and 60°C. On open systems, temperatures up to 100°C can be monitored.

The heated/cooled surface of the plate locator to be tested needs to be flat for a reliable verification process, otherwise a flat bottom adapter is needed to establish a proper thermal contact between the plate and the IMP. The IMP can be ordered with NIST/DAkkS calibration that is done by accredited calibration laboratories. Temperature and shaking calibration is done independently. Annual re-calibration is recommended.

  • „All-in-one“ verification: Temperature, humidity, shaking 
  • Records shaking pattern, RPM & amplitude for QC purposes
  • Measures humidity inside incubators
  • Also suitable for plate readers
  • Cordless design allows measurement in closed systems
  • Full automation of the verification process due to easy handling by common gripper systems
  • Alternative Data storage internal on EEPROM or micro SD card for external read out
  • Flexible data transfer via USB or IrDA
  • IMP data analysis software for thorough analysis of measurements
  • Export of data in CSV format for customized evaluation

ODTC® Verification Tool - OVT - (7902000 (OVT96) / 7902001 (OVT384))

Benefit from the perfectly matching verification tool for the ODTC® and fully automated test routine with easy setup and step by step guidance.

The ODTC® Verification Tool (OVT) is specially designed to test the performance of the INHECO On Deck Thermal Cycler (ODTC®). It offers an easy and quick solution to confirm the specified performance of the ODTC®. It’s unique thin measuring head captures mount and lid temperatures while the cycler is closed during the run of a predefined test routine (see below). The OVT is checking heating and cooling rates and the system software automatically calculates the precision and accuracy of the mount and lid temperatures, as well as the temperature uniformity over the mount. The ODTC® unit & OVT System information and the test results are shown in a PDF verification document. It is also possible to add personalized general information on your ODTC® as free text, this is shown on the certificate. No other system on the market fits better or gives you an easier way of verifying your ODTC®.

Use the OVT for Instrument Qualification (IQ), during Operational Qualification (OQ) and for regular checks to ensure the best performance of your equipment. The guided setup and the automated test routine makes it the ideal tool for service personnel as well as for end-users.

The ODTC® Verification Tool needs an initial temperature calibration from an accredited NIST/DAkkS certified calibration laboratory. Annual re-calibration is mandatory to warrant full functionality of the OVT.

  • All in one performance verification – heating&cooling rates, precision, accuracy & uniformity
  • Reliability due to perfect fit
  • Step by step guidance through system setup
  • Fully automated, short, 27 minutes test routine
  • Printable PDF verification certificate in audit quality
  • Routine service for instrumental and operational qualification (IQ & OQ)
  • Use for regular verification or on demand by end-user
  • Light weight, portable format
  • USB connected